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Sport hall - Roof

National Sport Base

Ircon LTD

Tilev architects

Building of the year

Roof area: 11 000m2
Main span: 102m
The Hall was designed to meet the International requirements for 25 types of sports activities. It has 12 300 seats (permanent and movable) for sports events and approximately 17 200 for concert activities.
The design was done according to BDS EN 1990, BDS EN 1991, 1993-1, 1998-1. Fabrication of the steel structure has been done based on EN 1090-2. The execution class was EXC4. This is the realization the first EXC4 in Bulgaria.
The roof structure consists of main arch truss and secondary tapered trusses. The lateral stability of the roof is provided by longitudinal and cross bracings, designed in crucified form in the deformation centre of the system. The main truss is doubled curved, double wall one, designed by thick wall pipes. It is supported by elastomeric bearings. The secondary trusses are single wall, designed by HEA and box profiles.
The design was done with implementation of static FEM analysis, non-linear analysis, response spectrum design, buckling analysis and capacity design. The investigation