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Apollo Bridge



Steel arch bridge

Metro Bratislava AS

2005 ECCS European Steel Design Award

Length: 518m
Width: 32m
Height: 36m
The Apollo Bridge was built over the river Danube as part of the project for the reconstruction of the Kosická Street. It is operative since 2005. Eurocodes and Slovak National Standards (STN) were used in the design.
The bridge superstructure is made up by a continuous two-girder steel structure with 6 spans (53m + 61m + 61m + 63m + 231m + 49m). The 231m long span is bridged by a deck composed of girders suspended on two inward-inclined arches with height 36m. The bridge superstructure rests on two piers, of which one (at the Petržalka side) is located within the riverbed, 40m from the bank.