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What do the world media say about the Eurocodes and other Standards for Construction?

Europe Media Monitor (EMM) Map link

JRC Europe Media Monitor for Eurocodes The Europe Media Monitor (EMM) is a news gathering engine developed by the JRC for real-time monitoring and analysis of online media, including conventional press and social media, world-wide in 60 languages. It updates the information every ten minutes and provides automatic translation. EMM produces a map showing the recent news articles on the Eurocodes and other standards for the construction sector. A summary of each article is presented with a link to the original location.

Click here to open the JRC EMM Map about the Eurocodes and other Standards for Construction (right click to open target in a new window)

How to use the EMM map

How to use the EMM map

The map will show the latest 100 news at the JRC Europe Media Monitor.(*)

  • Each news article is connected to a location according the following rules:
    • the article appears in a website located at this location
    • the article refers to this location
  • News articles are clustered in one bubble per region. Region expansion range depends on the zoom of the map.
  • When the user clicks on an article, the map displays only the geolocation of the media providing the news and the geolocation(s) of the subject of the news.
  • To go back to the news list, click on the left arrow appearing in the Results Panel (see the screenshot below).
    go-back-to-all-the-news example
  • The titles of the articles are shown in their original language. It is possible to have an automatic translation (by means of Google Translator) into most of the world languages (see the screenshot below).
    traslations example

(*) Each article can have more than one geolocation (connection to geographic coordinates), since the geolocation is performed with regards to both, the location of the media providing the news and the location(s) referred to in the article. Because of this, summing all the numbers shown in the bubbles can result in more than 100.