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Maintenance Work Programme

The maintenance activities should be divided in three parts:

  • the short term (immediate or within a year);
  • the medium term (the regular five-year review);
  • the long term (greater than five years).

The short term activities involve the technical amendments with regard to urgent matters of health and safety, the correction of technical and editorial errors (e.g. mistakes in symbols, typographical mistakes), the essential technical and editorial improvements resulting from feedback and the identification of inconsistencies arising from liaison between CEN/TC250 and other CEN/TCs and TABs. Corrigenda will eventually be issued at the end of the short-term period.

Items that fall into the medium term are the technical and editorial improvements and the resolution of questions of interpretation. Requests from industrial organisations and public authorities will also be considered. A new edition or amendment to the Eurocodes may be published, as necessary.

In the long term, matters relating to development of new items (e.g. advice on making buildings more tolerable against acts of malicious damage) will be examined. This includes new material and concepts which require research, and may be considered as development.

To ensure efficiency and consistency, it is foreseen that CEN/TC250 will collect all the corrigenda and amendments to the Eurocode Parts produced by the appropriate SCs and CEN will edit regularly (e.g. annually) a "unified revision manual" and make it available to the NSBs.

The strategy to provide adequate resources to support the maintenance of the Eurocodes should be decided by the European Commission, Member States, Industry and CEN seeking to find a balance between the requirements for public safety, the competitive demands of industry and the availability of funds.