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Maintenance Procedure

How to achieve maintenance?

The organisation of maintenance should start after the receipt of a positive vote on a draft Eurocode. Nevertheless, construction industry requests for a period of stability with the new Eurocodes. Normally, amendments should be made at the time of the regular 5-yearly review of standards, unless circumstances demand greater urgency.

As a first step, questions resulting from the use of the Eurocodes shall be collected. The second step should be the collection of proposals for amendments from Member States and NSBs. All information and proposals should be collected using two routes:

  • via the ENC-Group to the Commission;
  • via the NSBs to CEN/TC250 and its SCs as appropriate.

Dependent on a particular question, an interchange for comments can take place between the Commission/DG ENTR and CEN/TC250 and the Commission/DG JRC and the CEN/TC250/SCs, involving International Technical and Scientific Organisations where necessary.

Technical comments to CEN/TC250 and its SCs should be submitted via NSBs through an official template. The NSBs are invited to filter comments as far as feasible.

Maintenance of the EN Eurocodes