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Responsibilities and time schedule

The implementation of an EN Eurocode part has three phases, the Translation Period, the National Calibration Period and the Coexistence period. The periods are relative to the date where the CEN has delivered the EN Eurocodes Part to the National Standardisation Body (Date of Availability – DAV). The Eurocodes are implemented in the EU Member States. The information is intended as assistance to other countries that wish to implement the Eurocodes.

Translation period

The National Standardisation Body (NSB) may start the translation of a Eurocode Part in authorised national languages at the latest at the DAV. The maximum time allowed for translation is 12 months after DAV.

National calibration period

The Member State should fix the Nationally Determined Parameters within a period of two years after DAV at maximum. At the end of this period, the national version of an EN Eurocode Part will be published by the NSB, with the National Annex. The Annex will include the Nationally Determined Parameters and reference to Non-Contradictory Complementary Information (NCCI).

At the end of this period, the Member State should have adapted their National Provisions so that the Eurocode Part can be used on its territory. The Member State shall inform the Commission about the result of the tests undertaken using the EN Eurocode Part.

Coexistence period

During the coexistence period, which starts at the end of the National Calibration period, the Eurocode Part can be used, just as the former national system can also be used. The coexistence period of a Eurocode Package will last up to a maximum time of three years after the national publication of the last Part of a Package.

The coexistence period of a Package is terminated when the NSBs have withdrawn all conflicting national standards, and the Member States shall make sure that all the Parts of the related Package can be used without ambiguity on their territories by adapting their National Provisions as necessary. Thus all conflicting National Standards in a package should be withdrawn a maximum of 5 years after DAV of the last available standard in the package.