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Training activities

The European Commission encourages Member States and Industry to prepare guidance material and to hold seminars on the Eurocodes at National level. This web site will serve as an informatics platform for the collection and dissemination of related information and material.

Training material and courses

In order to facilitate the actions taken for training on the EN Eurocodes, guidance material should be disseminated. Training material includes:

  • information leaflets on the implementation of the EN Eurocodes;
  • designer handbooks and manuals;
  • guidelines with worked examples (e.g. of common types of buildings and bridges);
  • background documents to Parts of the EN Eurocodes.

A number of courses on the implementation and use of the EN Eurocodes will be organised. Training courses will address:

  • awareness of the profession as a whole of the EN Eurocodes;
  • implementation aspects, aimed at NSBs, Member States, Candidate and Accessing countries;
  • information to construction professionals and discussion of their concerns;
  • technical matters, aimed at the profession, researchers and the academic community;
  • transfer of knowledge from EN Eurocode experts to EN Eurocode trainers;
  • continuous professional development courses;
  • information to university teachers and feedback from their experience on teaching the EN Eurocodes.

The European Commission is preparing a number of booklets and leaflets on the implementation and use of the Eurocodes and is organising a number of training/promotion seminars/conferences in collaboration with CEN/TC250, Member States and interested industry.

Continuing professional development

Aspects of continuing professional development that need to be covered include:

  • informing and making the profession as a whole aware of the EN Eurocodes;
  • providing continuing professional development and training to the profession;
  • encouraging the production of handbooks, design aids, software, etc. to facilitate the implementation of the EN Eurocodes;
  • holding of European seminars aimed at the profession as a whole as key EN Eurocodes become available as ENs (e.g. EN 1990:Basis of design);
  • publication of documents on the adoption of the EN Eurocodes through Government or on behalf of Government of the appropriate Member State;
  • holding of meetings organized by professional and industry bodies to inform construction professionals, to listen to and discuss their concerns, and to promote the opportunities offered by the EN Eurocodes;
  • arrangement of continuing professional development and training courses;
  • development of aids to implementation;
  • publication of easily understandable booklets covering the EN Eurocodes;
  • background documents on the Eurocodes produced by CEN/TC250 or on the National Annexes produced by the Member States.