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Eurocodes National Correspondents Group

In 1999 the Member States agreed to follow the EC proposal to create a Group of Eurocodes National Correspondents (ENC). At the request of the Commission, each Member State has nominated a Eurocodes National Correspondent.

The mission of the ENC Group is to provide a forum for the exchange of remarks, concerns, opinions and experience between all the parties concerned with the implementation of the EN Eurocodes.

Issues dealt with by the ENC Group

The ENC group has identified a number of topics to deal with. Among them are:

  • general technical issues, e.g. consistency with product standards, consistency between Eurocodes, split between principles and application rules;
  • issues related to the presentation of the EN Eurocodes;
  • reliability issues;
  • internal communication between Member States and experts;
  • external communication with Industry and universities;
  • eventual discrimination introduced by the choice of the safety factors, e.g. the cementitious products/works;
  • implementation, maintenance and future of the EN Eurocodes.