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Workshop with worked examples

13-14 June 2013, Dublin

VENUE: Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Geotchnical Design

JRC Report: Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design - Worked examples



Workshop Presentations


JRC Report: Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design - Worked examples

This document is a report with worked examples summarizing the general rules, basic design principles and design methods for geotechnical design following Eurocodes. It comprises an overview of Eurocode 7 with focus on the design requirements, actions and design situations, and limit states. Different aspects to be considered for designing shallow foundations, gravity walls, embedded walls and deep foundations are covered in the report. The provisions of Eurocode 7 for ground investigations and testing for geotechnical design, overall stability of and movements in the ground, slopes, hydraulic failure modes and verifications against them are also presented. The Annex contains worked examples to accompany the various chapters of this report.
The materials were prepared and presented at the workshop "Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design" held on 13-14 June 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. The workshop was organized by JRC with the support of DG ENTR and CEN, and in collaboration with CEN/TC250/Sub-Committee 7 and Ireland's Department of the Environment, Community and Local government.

Download the whole report (4.01M)


This workshop (Level 2/3) with emphasis on worked examples intends to contribute towards the transfer of background knowledge and expertise of Eurocode 7 writers (CEN/TC250 Sub Committee 7) to potential trainers at national level and Eurocode users.

The principal objectives of the workshop are to:

  • transfer knowledge and information to representatives of key organisations/institutions, industry and technical associations in Member States;
  • provide state-of-the-art training material, background information and worked examples to Eurocodes trainers and users;
  • facilitate exchange of views, networking and cooperation.

The workshop is organised and supported by the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry and Joint Research Centre, CEN/TC250, CEN Management Centre and Ireland's Department of the Enviroment, Community and Local Government.

For more information on the workshop download the workshop flyer.

Workshop Programme

The workshop will commence in the morning of June 13 and conclude in the afternoon of June 14. The workshop will include parallel presentation of the Eurocode 7 general rules, basic design principles and design methods, and relevant worked examples. The workshop sessions will address:

  • the design of shallow foundations, gravity walls, embedded walls, and deep foundations;
  • the ground investigation and testing process;
  • the slope stability and hydraulic failure.

Download the workshop agenda.

Workshop Presentations

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

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