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EN Eurocodes & Related Standards

The European Standardisation system relating to construction is a comprehensive system of design standards that comprises the EN Eurocodes, along with material and product standards, as well as execution and test standards.

European Standards Family

Within the CEN system, CEN/TC250 has the overall responsibility for "structural design rules" in the building and civil engineering field. If a CEN/TC (for products, execution, etc) has a need to use structural design rules, it is asked to refer to the relevant EN Eurocodes whenever it is possible.

CEN/TC250 has established liaisons with other CEN/TCs which are drafting provisions for materials and products used in the construction industry, as well as on the execution of different types of structures and testing methods. This set of consistent standards is to be used with the EN Eurocodes for the complete design and construction of buildings and other civil engineering works.

CEN has also set up Technical Cooperation with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in order to avoid duplication of work and to increase the speed of elaboration and maintenance of standards.