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JRC support to the implementation, harmonization and further development

Administrative Arrangement with DG Enterprise and Industry

In 2005 the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry (formerly DG ENTR, now DG GROW) of the European Commission committed the JRC to assist in the implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes, along the lines of the Commission Recommendation 2003/887/EC. The following objectives were pursued:

  • harmonization of European design of constructions and construction products;
  • implementation of the Eurocodes (training programme);
  • international promotion of the Eurocodes;
  • achieving increased protection of constructions against earthquakes and fire;
  • fostering innovation in construction.

According to a strategy for training and promotion discussed with partners, the JRC produced a collection of leaflets and booklets and organised a series of workshops.

Memorandum of Understanding 2008-2011

Starting from May 2008 and within a three-year Memorandum of Understanding with DG GROW, the JRC undertook actions aiming to:

  • provide IT support to implementation and monitoring;
  • foster dissemination and training on Eurocodes;
  • facilitate promotion outside EU;
  • define a concept for evolution of the Eurocodes to additional fields of design;
  • develop a concept for design standards to incorporate sustainability and other emerging aspects.

Administrative Arrangements 2011-2014

A series of Administrative Arrangements was agreed for the period 2011-2014. The work to be carried out pursues three objectives:

  • Achieve full implementation: IT support, dissemination and training on the Eurocodes, facilitating the practical implementation and use of the Eurocodes;
  • Further harmonization and evolution: support further harmonization and evolution of the Eurocodes;
  • Promotion of Eurocodes outside EU.

Administrative Arrangements 2015-2017

A new 3-year programme for Administrative Arrangements on support to policies and standards for construction has been agreed with DG GROW. It encompasses the following objectives:

  • Further harmonization and evolution of policies and technical tools in the field of sustainable construction
    • IT support for the implementation and monitoring of the Eurocodes and other policies/tools
    • Facilitating the practical implementation and harmonized use of the Eurocodes and other policies/tools
    • New fields of application
    • Resource efficient construction and renovation
  • Promotion of the construction sector outside the EU
    • Fostering and coordinating promotion of Eurocodes, European energy efficiency and resource efficiency policies and tools outside the EU