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The Bulgarian State policy to the adoption of the Eurocodes

by Eng. Violeta Angelieva, Director of Technical Rules and Regulations Department, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Republic Bulgaria

The Technical Rules and Regulations Department at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in Bulgaria is responsible for:

  • Full implementation of CPD in Bulgaria; management of the creation of the National system of Conformity Assessment of construction products and designation of Approved and Approval Bodies (potential Notified Bodies).
  • Organization and management of the elaboration of technical normative regulation for design and execution of building works.

All parts of ENV Eurocodes have been translated in Bulgarian language and have been adopted as National Standards. From the year 2003 Bulgaria started the process of adopting the EN Eurocodes. Until now, 45 EN Eurocodes have been published in the Official Journal of BIS. Eight parts have been translated in Bulgarian and published as BDS Standards, while 15 parts are currently under approval as National Standards.

Bulgaria started in 2006 the process of elaborating the Nationally Determined Parameters relating to the specific geographic, climatic and seismic conditions of its territory. Bulgaria is planning to develop a new seismic map.

The process of EN Eurocodes implementation is long and difficult. There is a strong need for exchange of experience and international cooperation through:

  • joint projects under different EU programs and initiatives on the methods and approaches for estimation of the Nationally Determined Parameters;
  • regional networking for development of seismic regulations relevant to the Eurocodes standards, e.g. drawing up seismic maps for the border areas – together with neighboring countries (Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey).

The creation of this site is a very good initiative, since it not only provides official information on the adoption of EN Eurocodes, but also gives opportunity to the National Authorities to exchange information. I wish success to the website and express our willingness to collaborate with regard to supplying information from Bulgaria.