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Component based finite element design of steel joints

International Online Live Seminars (OLS) Keynotes

29 October 2020,  1 day

Venue: Online

Organizer: Steel Construction (STCO) journal

Steel Construction (STCO) journal presents with a series of international Online Live Seminars (OLS) Keynotes as an overview of present applied steel construction research. Partner of the STCO-OLS series are European Convention for Constructional Steelworks, Akademie der Ingenieure from Stuttgart and the Ernst & Sohn journal Steel Construction. The online presentations take about 1 to 1.5 h, followed by questions & answers.

Prof. František Wald of Czech Technical University Prague will do the start with an OLS Component based finite element design.

The OLS is based on the paper: Wald, F.; Vild, M.; Kurˇíková, M.; Kabelácˇ, J.; Sekal, D.; Maier, N.; Da Silva Seco, L.; Couchaux, M. “Component based finite element design of steel joints”, which has been published in the May issue of Stahlbau in German and in English in Civil Engineering Design this summer.