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Design of Concrete Structures to Eurocode 2 - The Essentials

18 May 2011,  1 day

Venue: Cambridge

Organizer: Thomas Telford

Eurocode 2 is the new standard for design of concrete structures. It is a robust and rigorous design code and but takes a less prescriptive approach to design. As such it offers flexibility and opportunity in design but will require clear understanding and careful application.

This one day course considers the key changes between BS8110 and Eurocode2, illustrating the design challenges through presentation, discussion and tutorial, and offers expert advice and opinion on the practical application of the new European design codes. The emphasis is on buildings and the provisions of the Part 1.1: General rules and rules for buildings of EN 1992.

If you are an experienced designer, competent with design to current British Standards and looking for transition training covering the key changes between the BS codes and Eurocodes, then the 1 day Essentials course will meet your requirements.

Applies to Eurocodes: