EUROCODES: Building the Future in the Euro-Mediterranean Area

27 - 29 November 2006,  3 days

Venue: Varese, Italy

Organizer: DG JRC, DG ENTR of the European Commission and NATO

The aim of the Workshop was to contribute to the objectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership by facilitating the harmonization of the legislative and regulatory frameworks of the Mediterranean Partners with those of the European Union in areas such as standardization of structural design of works and certification of construction products.

Special attention was paid to the improvement of safety in construction, and particularly to the contribution of the state-of-the art seismic design standards to the earthquake risk mitigation.

The Workshop was jointly organized by DG Joint Research Centre (under the JRC Enlargement and Integration Action) and DG ENTR of the European Commission, and NATO (under the NATO "Security through Science" Programme) with the participation of CEN, EOTA and the French Ministry of Transport, Equipment, Tourism and Sea.