16 - 17 May 2019,  2 days

Venue: Coimbra, DEC-UC

Organizer: CMM Associação Portuguesa de Construção Metálica e Mista

Goals: The course of Design of Offshore Structures Part 2 aims to cover the design of the steel elements of the topside and Jacket structure (tubular truss). Taking into account the loading effects presented in the course of Design of Offshore Structures Part 1, a case study of a jacket will be designed in order to achieve the preliminary dimensions. As the corrosion and the material specifications are an important issue for the integrity and durability of the offshore structures, this course will also present methods for the designing and selection of appropriate material and cathoodic protection system, Furthermore, there will be a fatigue analysis in this course, with a preliminary overview of the basic concepts and reccommendations on technical standards and practices that are usually used. An introduction to the fracture mechanics analysis and an application to a case will be set.

Coordinator: Prof. Luis Simões da Silva (UC)

Lecturers: Prof. Carlos Rebelo (UC); Prof. Altino Loureiro (UC); Eng. João Azevedo (Sherwin-Williams); Prof, João Pedro Martins (UC); Eng. Patrick Chopelin (Manta); Eng. Tiago Ribeiro (Tal Projecto); Prof. Luis Borges (Structurame)

Schedule: 9h00-13h00 and 14h30-18h30

The course will be lectured in English

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