09 - 10 May 2019,  2 days

Venue: Coimbra, DEC-UC

Organizer: CMM Associação Portuguesa de Construção Metálica e Mista

Goals: The course of Design of Offshore Structures Part 1 aims to cover the first steps of the structural analysis, namely the presentation of the safety assessment methodologies and the definition of the environmental and other loads applied on fixed offshore structures, namely the dead and live loads, the wind and the earthquake. It will focus on the loads that most affect the platforms as waves, tides and currents. Fot that a preliminary overview of the hydrodynamic concepts will be given. Additionally, the basic requirements for the transportation and installation of the fixed offshore structures will also be addressed.

Coordinator: Prof. Luis Simões da Silva (UC)

Lecturers: Prof. Carlos Rebelo (UC); Prof. Constança Rigueiro (UC); Eng. Daniel Oliveira (UC); Prof, José Paulo Lopes de Almeida (UC); Ivo Lourenço (Subsea 7)

Schedule: 9h00-13h00 and 14h30-18h30

The course will be lectured in English

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