Practical training days on Fire Design of Steel Structures

27 - 28 May 2019,  2 days

Venue: Brussels

Organizer: ECCS CECM EKS, Info Steel


This two-day course will present the fundamental concepts for fire design of steel structures using Simplified Calculation Methods according to EN 1991-1-2 and EN 1993-1-2 and Advanced Calculation Methods based on the Finite Element Method.

A presentation of the fire resistance of steel members and connections, followed by a full description of the capabilities of the software Elefir-EN, a software for fire design of steel structural members according to Eurocode 3, which is licensed to the purchasers of the ECCS book Fire Design of Steel Structures will be given. The participants, using the software Elefir EN installed in their own laptop computers, will solve examples from the ECCS book. A practical case study, where the calculation of the thickness of the passive fire protection needed for a required fire resistance will be presented.

The main concepts used in advanced models based on the finite element method will be presented. The presentations are not oriented to code developers; the objective is to give a better insight view to the users allowing them to make a better utilisation of numerical software. The concepts will be illustrated by some examples run with the software SAFIRĀ®.

Presentations are given by the authors of the Manual Guide.

Prof. Jean-Marc Franssen, University of Liege, Belgium

Prof. Paulo Vila Real, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Applies to Eurocodes: