Symposium Eurocodes

21 November 2018,  1 day

Venue: Royal Haskoning DHV, Amersfoort Netherlands

Organizer: Vereniging Nederlandse Constructeurs

Sometime in the 2020’s the new Eurocodes will take effect. That seems far away, but it is important be informed and to prepare for it in due time. What do the new Eurocodes mean for the structural engineer’s practice? Get informed by those directly involved!

In November, the Netherlands will host the annual meeting of CEN TC 250, the standards committee responsible for reviewing the Eurocodes. The three objectives of that innovation are: 1. Increase ease of use; 2. fewer choices; 3. Include current state of the art.

VNconstructeurs seizes this opportunity, in close collaboration with NEN, to organize a unique symposium about the changes in the new standards, and what they mean for the day-to-day work of the structural engineer.

The Eurocodes were published between 2005 and 2010. In the same period the development of the National Annexes got started. In 2012, they were designated in the Buildings Decree in the Netherlands and they replaced the Dutch ‘TGB’ standards. In 2010 a process started that resulted in a work program for the revision of the Eurocodes.

This program includes important signals that are supported from the Netherlands: 1. improving ease of use; 2. reducing the number of national options; 3. align with the latest state of the art.

A unique opportunity for up-to-date information from the first hand; the people who are closest to the normalization fire.

In addition, there will be ample room for conversation.

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