Decoding Eurocode 7 – Ground investigation and testing. Ground investigation and testing

Online delivery over 5 sessions

05 - 09 June 2014,  5 days

Venue: Geocentrix - online course

Organizer: Geocentrix Ltd

A series of online live lectures of approximately 1.5 hrs each delivered directly to your computer to make up a full course. Lectures will run on the following dates for (*includes workshop):

Lecture 1: Thu 5th June at 4 pm (BST) – Standards for ground investigation and testing

Lecture 2: Mon 9th June at 4 pm – Eurocode 7 part 2, Ground investigation and testing

Lecture 3: Thu 12th June at 4 pm –Planning site investigations*

Lecture 4: Mon 16th June at 4 pm – Ground characterization*

Lecture 5: Thu 19th June at 4 pm – Geotechnical reports*

This course is aimed at civil, structural and geotechnical engineers plus engineering geologists who use the results of site investigations for design or are involved in their procurement. No prior knowledge of Eurocode 7 is required. This course can be studied on its own or in conjunction with any of the other courses in the Decoding Eurocode series. You can book individual lectures or the whole course at a discount.

The speaker is the current Chairman of the Eurocode 7 Committee TC250/SC7 and has been involved in its development. He is co-author of the book ‘Decoding Eurocode 7’ and has extensive lecturing experience.

Applies to Eurocodes: