Workshop - Applicability and application of EUROCODE-7 to rock engineering design

26 May 2014,  1 day

Venue: Centro Social Novacaixagalicia, Vigo, Spain

Organizer: The workshop is being organized by members of EG13 and will be chaired by John Harrison. EG13 is the Evolution Group on rock mechanics that was formed by CEN’s Technical Committee responsible for maintenance and future development of EC7 as part of its ongoing code maintenance cycle.

The objective is to discuss the experiences of verification of rock mechanical design by calculations, adaption of prescript measures and observation methods according to the new Eurocode-7 for future development and implementation. EUROCODE-7 is probably going to be both universal and comprehensive. It has been basically developed by the soil mechanics community. It is extremely relevant a commitment of the rock mechanics community to be capable to include rock engineering principles and techniques within this code. The mentioned workshop represents an excellent opportunity to collect inputs of the rock mechanics community on the application of EC-7.

The workshop will be held the day before the start of EUROCK 2014 conference.

Applies to Eurocodes: