Design of Composite Structures to Eurocode 4 - The Essentials

08 March 2011,  1 day

Venue: London

Organizer: Thomas Telford

Eurocode 4 is the new standard for design of composite structures. It covers many forms of composite structural design and provides the most comprehensive and up to date set of design guidance currently available. It is a robust and rigorous design code and takes a less prescriptive approach to design. As such it offers flexibility and opportunity in design but will require clear understanding and careful application. This course considers the key changes that Eurocode 4 brings, illustrating the design challenges through presentation, discussion and worked examples, and offers expert advice and opinion on the practical application of the new European design codes. This course concentrates on the design procedures for composite beams and slabs as used in modern building construction. It also covers shear connections, column design and the interaction between Eurocode 4 and other Eurocode parts. Cross references will be made to the other Eurocode parts.

Applies to Eurocodes: