Earthquake Engineering Analysis and Design

25 February 2010,  1 day

Venue: London

Organizer: Professional Solutions

The seminar will provide an introduction to the dynamic analysis of structures, and design for earthquake resistance, using Eurocode 8 as the main basis for its examples. It will start with an overview of the basic concepts and methods in structural dynamics, mainly intended as a revision exercise. The key characteristics of earthquake loads, and how they are idealised for analysis and design purposes, will then be presented. The remainder of the seminar will then focus on practical earthquake engineering, covering analysis methods and design concepts.

An introduction to the provisions of EC8 will be presented, including a brief review of its application in the UK . Advice will be given on further resources, including text-books and computer programs. Worked examples of analysis of practical structures will be provided, including an exercise on the analysis of a building to EC8 for completion after the course. The course is intended for practising engineers who wish to improve their understanding of modern methods of dynamic structural analysis, and their application to seismic design. Participants are encouraged to read the two introductory chapters of the ICE Design and Practice Guide ‘Dynamics – an introduction for civil and structural engineers’ before attending the course. (The publication can be purchased direct from Thomas Telford/ICE)

Applies to Eurocodes: