Starting with Eurocodes : EN 1990 & 1991

03 February 2010,  1 day

Venue: London

Organizer: Professional Solutions

These two Eurocodes, together the ‘head codes’, provide essential information necessary for design to all the material codes which follow. Very differently from British codes, EN 1990 sets out the basis of design independently of structural material, covering load factors, load combinations and load arrangements, and explaining the principle of leading and accompanying variable actions. The separate parts of EN 1991 dealing with imposed loading, snow loading, thermal effects, construction activities and accidental actions will be covered.

The course starts by introducing the overall style of Eurocodes, including symbols and suffixes, the Greek alphabet and the use of unfamiliar words – ‘Eurospeak’. The principles of EN 1990 are explained and the key parts of EN 1991 introduced, with comparisons with British codes where appropriate. The day is interspersed with short exercises and ends with a round-up quiz to embed the content of the course.

EN 1991-1-2 (traffic loading) and EN 1991-1-4 (wind loading) are not included, being the subject of separate courses.

Applies to Eurocodes: