Structural Fire Design To Eurocodes

27 January 2009,  1 day

Venue: Wilmslow

Organizer: Thomas Telford Training

This course will demystify the subject area and enable you to identify the options and opportunities that are available from a fire design approach. The course will also be of great benefit to those responsible for approval of fire engineering design.

It presents structural fire engineering and actions on structures due to fire in an understandable and useable way, enabling you to accommodate fire design principles into your routine structural design and analysis.

A comprehensive introduction to structural fire engineering establishes the background, highlighting the codes, guidance and best practice that is currently available.

Critical appraisal is given throughout, explaining the underlying concepts and allowing you to appreciate the use, application and limitation of each aspect and approach to fire design.

Extensive reference is made to real behaviour in both commercial practice and research environments reinforcing the concepts and their implication for building design.

The course is highly interactive with opportunity for delegate participation through discussion, syndicate work and problem solving throughout the day.

Applies to Eurocodes: