Application of Eurocodes for bridges

20 October 2008,  1 day

Venue: Athens

Organizer: Technical Chamber of Greece


  • Traffic Loads on Bridges and Combinations of Actions - Prof. Jean-Armand Calgaro, Chairman of CEN/TC250
  • Concrete Bridges - Prof. Giuseppe Mancini, Chairman of CEN/TC250/SC2
  • Composite Steel and Concrete Bridges - Prof. Joel Raoul, Chairman of CEN/TC250/SC4
  • Design of Bridges for Earthquake Resistance - General rules and seismic actions - Prof. Eduardo Carvalho, Chairman of CEN/TC250/SC8
  • Seismic design of bridges - Basil Kolias, Member of SC8/PT2
  • Future activities of the Horizontal Group for Bridges - Prof. Steve Denton, Convenor of CEN/TC250/HGB

Applies to Eurocodes: