EC3 -The Major Changes

(4 Hour Course)

18 November 2008,  1 day

Venue: Nottingham

Organizer: SCI (The Steel Construction Institute)

This four hour course will introduce the major changes from BS 5950–1 to Eurocode 3 1-1.

The course will cover the primary design issues for practicing engineers and will deliver a sense of reassurance that design to EC3 will become straightforward in time and indeed has advantages in some areas.

This course will explain:
- The major changes in loading combinations
- The changes to resistance calculations
- The changes to brittle fracture and frame stability

This course will equip any engineer with:
- A good understanding of the significant changes in building design
- Confidence that the changes are generally in the presentation, not the physics
- An appreciation of the loading system defined in the Eurocodes.

Applies to Eurocodes: