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Decoding Eurocode 7 - Geotechnical Design of Deep foundations

Geotechnical Design of Deep foundations – online course

A series of online live lectures of approximately 1.5 hrs each delivered directly to your computer to make up a full course. Lectures will run on the following dates for (*includes workshop):

Lecture 1: Mon 1st Oct at 4 pm – Basis of design for Foundations

Lecture 2: Wed 4th Oct at 4 pm – Embedded Walls*

Lecture 3: Wed 8th Oct at 4 pm – Pile Foundations*

Lecture 4: Wed 11th Oct at 4 pm – Field testing of piles*

Lecture 5: Wed 15th Oct at 4 pm – Calculation models for deep foundations

This course is aimed at civil, structural and geotechnical engineers involved in geotechnical design to Eurocode 7 Part 1. Ideally those attending will have some prior knowledge of Eurocode 7. This is a good follow on to our ‘Basis' course. You can book individual lectures or the whole course at a discount.

The speaker is the current Chairman of the Eurocode 7 Committee TC250/SC7 and has been involved in its development. He is co-author of the book "Decoding Eurocode 7" and has extensive lecturing experience.

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