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Eurocodes: Building the future

EN Eurocodes

The EN Eurocodes are a series of 10 European Standards, EN 1990 - EN 1999, providing a common approach for the design of buildings and other civil engineering works and construction products. 

The publication of the Eurocodes by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in May 2007 marked a major milestone in the European standardisation for construction, since they introduced common technical rules for calculation of the mechanical and fire resistance, and the stability of constructions and construction products.

About the EN Eurocodes

The EN Eurocodes contribute to the establishment and functioning of the internal market for construction products and engineering services.

Eurocodes family

The EN Eurocodes include 10 standards (EN 1990 - 1999) covering various subjects related to the construction.


Member States, National Authorities in liaison with NSBs and other relevant parties, should design and set-up an appropriate Implementation Plan.

International use

There is a considerable interest in the use of EN Eurocodes outside EU by countries.


Maintenance of the Eurocodes is an essential activity to preserve their credibility, integrity and relevance, as well as to ensure that they do not contain errors.

Further harmonisation

The EN Eurocodes are the result of a long procedure of bringing together and harmonising the different design traditions in the Member States.