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About this site

This Commission website was created by the Joint Research Centre under the Administrative Arrangement between DG ENTR (now DG GROW) and DG JRC regarding support for the implementation, harmonisation and further development of the EN Eurocodes. The site is managed and maintained by the JRC. A website Advisory Committee contributes and advices on the contents.

In line with the Commission Recommendation, the purpose of the site is to collect and disseminate information on the EN Eurocodes which is deemed to:

  • facilitate adoption, implementation and use of the EN Eurocodes;
  • increase awareness of the EN Eurocodes in the EU countries and internationally;
  • foster further harmonization and development of the EN Eurocodes.

The web site aims to engage all stakeholders in order to contribute in keeping the Eurocodes the most up-to-date usable codes of practice.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee reviews and contributes to the contents of the website as the state of implementation and the needs of the profession and industry evolve. This task is in line with the recommended work plan on the implementation and promotion of the Eurocodes, where the website has been identified as an important tool for increasing the awareness on the Eurocodes.

The Advisory Committee is composed by:

  • DG ENTR representative: M. Fuchs
  • DG JRC representative: S. Dimova
  • CEN/TC250 Chairman: S. Denton
  • ENC representative: C. Chrysostomou (Cyprus)
  • NSBs representative: J. Fornather (Austria)
  • Eurocodes experts: J.-A. Calgaro & H. Gulvanessian

Please contact us if you have comments/suggestions on this website.