Eurocodes: background and applications. Elaboration of maps for climatic and seismic actions for structural design with the Eurocodes

JRC Report: Eurocodes Scientific and Technical Report by P. Formichi, L. Danciu, S. Akkar, O. Kale, N. Malakatas, P. Croce, D. Nikolov, A. Gocheva, P. Luechinger, M. Fardis, A. Yakut, R. Apostolska, M.L. Sousa, S. Dimova, A. Pinto

Published in Luxembourg,
European Union, 2016

Activities for promotion of policies for sustainable construction in the Balkan region.

Guidance for countries adopting the Eurocodes.

State-of-the-art material to elaborate maps for seismic and climatic actions for structural design.

Experience of the non-EU Balkan countries on elaboration of these maps.