Major Concepts of the EN Eurocodes

Fundamental requirements (safety, serviceability, fire and robustness)

The structure and structural members should be designed, executed and maintained in such a way that they meet the following:

Reliability differentiation

Different levels of reliability may be adopted for both, structural resistance and serviceability. The choice of the levels of reliability for a particular structure should take account of the relevant factors, including:

The levels of reliability that apply to a particular structure may be specified in one or both of the following ways:

Design working life

The design working life is the assumed period for which a structure is to be used for its intended purpose with anticipated maintenance but without major repair being necessary. The notion of design working life is useful for:


The structure should be designed in such a way that deterioration should not impair the durability and performance of the structure having due regard to the anticipated level of maintenance.

Quality assurance

The EN Eurocodes assume that appropriate measures are taken in order to provide a structure, which corresponds to the requirements and to the assumptions made in the design. These measures comprise definition of the reliability requirements, organisational measures and controls at the stages of design, execution, use and maintenance.